Luxform 60w Transformer EU Version

Luxform 60w Transformer EU Version
This is the EU Version of this item with an EU Plug

Just plug into the mains and this transformer gives the safe low voltage of 12 volts.  This 60 watt unit will accept 8 of our 7w lights; 6 of our 10w lights, 60 Nova uplights (1w LED bulb) and so on.  IP44 rated, may be used outdoors.
Our transformers reduce the mains electricity of 240 volts to the safe low voltage of 12 volts.  All transformers we sell separately as accessories are IP44 rated and can be safely used outdoors.  They do not need to be protected against rain, condensation or other weather conditions.
To decide which transformer to use just add up the watts of all the lights that you want to install, then choose a transformer with the watt rating exceeding this.

Watts are the power consumed by a light bulb.  The watt rating of the transformer (60w, 150w & 300w) is the maximum power it can give.  If you exceed this the transformer will be damaged.  So always choose a transformer which can give the same, or more, power than the lights demand.

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