Luxform 12v Australia Spotlight - Stainless Steel - 1w LED

Luxform 12v Australia Spotlight - Stainless Steel - 1w LED
Please note that 12V lights require a Transformer with enough wattage to function - Transformers can be found by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

The classy Australia spotlight is great for lightening up the darkest corners of your garden.  Made out of stainless steel, and with a white LED bulb, it will give a contemporary look to any garden.
This light is supplied with a ground spike, allowing it to be easily placed in any location.  This light works on the flexible Luxform ‘Easy Connect’ 12V connection system, just attach more lights by using Luxform cables and connectors.
Includes 1w MR11 LED bulb, which gives 200 lumen of brightness.  If you need a replacement bulb, we stock these as code 9848.
Material: Stainless steel,
Colour: Stainless steel,
Light: MR11 GU4 0.9W LED, white

Dimensions: 70x60x255mm

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