Luxform 20w Transformer + 10m cable

Luxform 20w Transformer + 10m cable
Just plug into the mains, connect to your lights, and this transformer is ready to go, giving a safe low voltage of 12 volts.
Our transformers reduce the mains electricity of 240 volts to the safe low voltage of 12 volts.  All transformers we sell separately as accessories are IP44 rated and can be safely used outdoors.  They do not need to be protected against rain, condensation or other weather conditions.
To decide which transformer to use, just add up the watts of all the lights that you want to install, then choose a transformer with the watt rating exceeding this.  For example, if you have 6 lights that are 3w each, then at (6x3)=18w, this 20w transformer is ideal for you.  Never try to over-load the transformer; if you exceed the transformer's wattage rating it will damage the transformer.  Always choose a transformer which can give the same, or more, power than the lights demand.
Try to use LED lamps rather than halogen where possible - these have a lower wattage so you can use a smaller transformer, and less power which saves on your electricity bills.  Ask us if you're considering switching, and we can advise on the best lamps to get.
The transformer comes with a 3amp fused UK plug fitted.

If you need more power, we also stock 60w (9944) and 105w (9942) Luxform transformers.

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