PondXpert EasyPond Set 2000 with 4x3m liner

PondXpert EasyPond Set 2000 with 4x3m liner
Everything you need to build a pond bundled together at a great price, this kit contains all the pond equipment you need to build a fantastic garden feature.
The kit contains a pressurised filter system which offers maximum landscaping opportunities as the equipment is easy to blend into the garden landscape.  The kit is great value and offers a huge saving compared to buying everything separately.

Please note that the filter and pump cannot be submerged in water.
1x MightyMite Pond Pump 2000, which can handle solid particles of dirt up to 4mm and a flow of up to 2,000 litres per hour.
1x EasyFilter 4500 - a pressurised UV filter that sieves out the dirt pushed into it from the pump, and stops your pond going green.
5m of 25mm Pond Hose
1x Pack of Clips to join everything together .
A durable Flexiliner 4x3m pond liner with 30yr Guarantee.
12 square metres of pond liner underlay.
Allows you to create a pond up to 2m x 1.7m x 0.6m deep (6'6" x 5'6" x 2'), which will hold up to 2,000 litres (440 gallons).

We stock the kits in a variety of sizes, and also stock the components indvidually if you ever need more.

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