Wheelie Klips Klip N Fresh

Wheelie Klips Klip N Fresh

This product is a Nominee in the Glee Best New Product Showcase 2019

Klip ‘n’ Fresh comprises of two Klips which securely hold a wheelie bin liner in place and prevents the liner from falling into the bin cavity along with a uniquely developed Zesty Citrus fragrance created to neutralise odours, reducing the possibility of fly or insect infestation! Simply attach the klips and then spray the fragrance using the adjustable nozzle each time you use your bin.
During any cold weather it is best that you keep your Klip ‘n’ Spray inside your Klip ‘n’ Fresh in your closed Wheelie Bin to help protect it from freezing.  Any spare Klip ‘n’ Spray products you have should be stored in an environment where the temperature is above zero degrees but below 34 degrees.
Klip ‘n’ Spray refills are available to purchase when needed.
The design includes a unique double click action to locate on the outer rim of your wheelie bin. Our products work on most 120L, 180L and 240L wheelie bins.
The Klip ‘n’ Fresh is to be used over and over again. Klip ‘n’ Fresh works with our Klip Bags which are specially designed to work with our products.

It is ideal that you use our Klip Bags with your Klip ‘n’ Fresh product to avoid bags splitting and the concept of Klip ‘n’ Fresh being spoilt by weak bags however they can be used with other strong bin liners.

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