About Us

Garden Magic is a specialist retailer of outdoor products to truly bring your garden to life.  We are based in Oxfordshire, and have been trading since 2005 with many happy customers and memories along the way.  Whilst we’re not the biggest (yet!), we aim to be the best.  We can cater for your needs big or small – whether you just need a replacement bulb, you’re looking to install a new irrigation system in your garden, or even if you’re a lanscaper looking for a reputable supplier for your summer season.


Our Story!

We were established in 2005 and initially sold and installed garden irrigation.  We did rather well at this, both in selling parts and helping customers design and install their perfect outdoor watering system.  We have helped create some fabulous domestic and commercial installations.


As time went by, we started encountering the same question “Do you sell lighting?”.  So, we thought it might be a nice idea to have a small selection of lighting to help our customers.  This took off a bit quicker than we thought, and the rest as they say is history.


More recently, we’ve been listening to what our customers want, and have expanded into ponds, garden furniture and accessories – and these are proving to be popular additions to our range.  We hope you like what we have to offer in these areas.


We’re still a small team – so our business feels a bit like a family, which is how we like it!


Our Ethos!

We’re very proud of our quality, our service and our value.  We aim to provide you with the products you’re looking for, with all the support and assistance you need, at a competitive price.  If you can’t find what you need on our website, or your requirements are slightly different, let us know – in most cases we will be able to find what you need or help meet your requirements.


We only buy from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers, who can provide the right quality and service to us, so that we can give that to you.  We stock a range of leading brands and our own label – all products we know and trust.  Should you need any of our design or installation services, we also work with a few select people and companies, whose work we know is of a great standard.