Hoses & Attachments

Hoses & Attachments

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Claber 3/4" Coupling

Automatic coupling for 3/4” hoses Ø int. 19 - mm - ext. 25 mm...


Claber Eco 0 Wall Hose Hanger

“Eco 0” wall hanger for hose. Reinforced grooves prevent change in form. Hooking up hose and handgri..


Claber Jet Spray Nozzle

Easily adjustable from completely closed to fully open, to allow either a fine spray or a jet...


Claber Kiros Kit 20m Hose Reel

A quality wall-mounted hose reel from Claber complete with:- 20 m hose (Ø 12-17 mm)- 3/4” tap connec..


Claber Precision Spray Pistol

Spray pistol with new anatomical rubber grip and convenient front on-off flow button. Knob at rear a..


Claber Soaker Hose 1/2" 25m

Slowly diffuses the water through its capillary walls. Strong but flexible, designed to be laid arou..


Claber Spray Pistol

Professional heavy duty spray pistol with lever adjustment of water flow and patented blocking devic..


Claber In-line Filter for 1/2" Hose

This filter from Claber fits directly in-line in a 1/2" hose, and can be used for drip or irrigation..