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Claber Aquadue Duplo Controller/Timer

Claber Aqua Due Duplo Timer. This is two timers in one. Only one inlet (saves plumbing) but two inde..


Claber Aquauno Logica Plus Timer

A totally revolutionary automatic one-line water timer containing 15 preset cycles selected using an..


Claber Aquauno Pratico Timer

Immediate practicality and simplicity in programmed irrigation: pressing the green push-button start..


Claber Aquauno Video 2 Plus Timer

Ideal for managing up to 2 irrigations a day with precision and reliability, programming times and f..


Claber Logica Timer/Controller

This user-friendly timer is set by turning a knob to any one of 15 pre-set cycles.  All these p..


Claber Rain Sensor

Suitable for all watering systems, the rain sensor avoids unnecessary wastage of water by turning th..


Claber Timer Kit 20 Pratico

Extremely simple to use, versatile battery water timer, tap connector, flexible hose, couplings, pre..


Claber Timer & Rain Sensor Starter Set

A combination Timer and Rain sensor set that allows you to program automated watering for plants and..