5mm LDPE polytube - 100 metres

5mm LDPE polytube - 100 metres
This 5mm (1/4inch) black micro irrigation tube is mostly used to connect drippers for pots and baskets to the main 13mm (1/2inch) line.
How to fit 5mm Polytube to the 13mm tube:-
Pierce a hole in the side of the 13mm tube near the pot or plant, using the Garden Magic Hole punch (this comes with 20 plugs to plug unwanted holes).
Insert a 5mm Barbed Joiner.  This is a double ended straight connector with a small flange in the middle to stop you pushing it in too far.
Then push the 5mm tube over the free end of this connector - and your connection is made !
Then fit a dripper (Econo or adjustable) and arrange it over your plants in the pot or basket.
Length: 100 metres

If you need a smaller length, we also sell this in multiples of 10m - code Z112A(X)

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